I Had No Idea

I had no idea what agoraphobia was about.  Okay, maybe a little... I just thought it meant you were afraid to leave you house.  When my therapist told me I should get this anxiety and phobias book I did so, skimming over the part about agoraphobia.  Why would I need to read that?  Well after I took the survey to see what was going on with me I found out I was after all agoraphobic. 

I had been feeling horrible.  Work was 40 miles away and it felt way to far away.  I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and being away from him or not being able to talk to him threw me into panic and anxiety each morning.  Turns out he was my "safe person."  Not being able to have him near would make me cry.  When he'd leave for work I felt like my world was crashing around me.  Since we broke up I had to move back into my dad's house.  This of course was no longer home.  My apartment with my ex was.  Everything was slipping from my control and I just couldn't handle it. 

It wasn't until I figured out what was wrong that I started to feel better.  I'm so happy I've finally figured it out.  I can now start to work on my problem and progress :)

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I just wanted to say that there are really good (and free) telephone conference call support groups for agoraphobia provided by Social Anxiety Anonymous, http://www.healsocialanxiety.com

whats the name of the book? <br />
also, wow, I cant immagine what it must feel like to loose your place and your safe person...

Thanks everyone for your support. My therapist is helping me with everything. I have been making goals and work out everyday and making plans everyday. It does help. My worst part of the day are mornings and so going to work is a *****. It's horrible. I panic everyday. I am working on it though so hopefully i'll get past it soon.

Naw, I wish you the best of luck in overoming your, now diagnosed, agoraphobia...<br />
You are a wonderful person, and I know you are fortitudinous enough to do this! :D<br />