My Battle

hello. im emma, and i have been suffering from agoraphobia for 3 years now. i have always suffered with panic attacs since the age of 16 , and i have been able to control them to a certain degree sometime being panic free for 7 years . suddenly after a break in my panics they started again leaving me unable to travel for long distances . the fear began when i would remember the past experiances of panic leaving me avoiding all situation where anxiety would start.

my husband and i slit up last year and i desperatly want to find love again. i have been using the dating sites to try and find my soul mate . my parents belive i should forget love and try and recover from my problems about going to far from home . they say no man will love you or take you on , the way i am now. i disagree , but maybe they are right .

things i am able to do .... go to local shops, and see friends in my small village , i am trying to focus on what i can do rather than what i cant . i have recently bought a book which is from off the web sites iam finding this very helpful , its called the lindon method . maybe this would be of help . in the past i have controled my panics with letting the feeling run through my body and run out through my fingers and feet saying to myself here you come ok iam just going to let this experiance ride through me . also try to think this will not hurt me , it never will and never has iam incontrol. hope you liked my story there is much more i would like to say i will keep everyone posted , feel free to comment take care xx

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Hi Emma, my suggestion is call a a local mental heath service provider. Don't think by doing so that you are in any way less of a person or weak. Books can help, but a trained professional is the way to go. I know, I suffer from severe depression, even despair. Help is available if you're willing to seek it. To me it's better to do it with someone's help that go it alone.<br />
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Keep trying, who knows, while getting the help you need, you just may meet someone who will love and appreciate you for the person you are.

My brother has been agoraphobic for about 13 yrs so I sorta know how ya feel !!!aint good to be missing out on all that life and the world has to offer but hopefully people with this disease can come to grips with it and get out and experience all that this place has to offer. good luck

Keep on trying Emma, hopefully it will get easier for you, it hasn't for me, and i do realise it affects any possible relationship unless your partner is understanding. Its a horrid feeling when you are stuck in your house, flat, or apartment when all your friends are out enjoying themselves, i feel like a prisoner and although i keep popping Valium ( Diazepam) i have become dependant on those horrible pills, try and keep focused on getting well without the dreaded Tranx!!

Read my story Emma, i hope it gives you some inspiration, ive been everywhere you have including the marriage split due mainly to lack of understanding from my wife, you should never feel alone with your ailment :-)<br />
Take care x

Hi emma I know how you feel ive been agoraphobic for about 8 years or more and I'm trying hard to find someone that knows how I feel and that will love me for who I am. At the moment I'm doin well at recovering and I know that whatever happens you will too. Keep holding onto your dreams and oneday you will find happiness. If you like maybe we could talk sometime. Either way I wish you all the very best.