Letter To My Sweet Algeria <3

Dear Algeria, I’m writing to you this letter.
Hoping i can make this relationship better,
but the way you been treating ME
it got me wanting to pack MY ***** **** and flee,
back to WONDERLAND,Neverland or any land does’nt exist

Lands of my own mind, but how could I do that to you.
We been through so much **** it's crazy how we grew
I can’t leave you
apart from one another, like a mom and its daughter.
That is me and you ALGERIA can't you see!!
my love for you will never end
 Why  don’t you feel me Algeria !
you never ever shed a tear for me.
Not even when you knocked down my dreams like a ******* pine tree.
I couldn't believe you'd do that to me
I was nothing but loyal to you 
I gave up so many things for you ME and my DREAMS, I watched it all disappear.

I even called you shitland once !!
maybe it’s not your fault Algeria
but whatever !!! they’ll never winn
There will be a nice start for us all (maybe) 
You're luckyAlgeria ! I still love you to death .and so do all Algerians
So, Dear Algeria, land of the free !!
when are you gonna let me shine? when you gonna do something for me?
 Dear Algeria ,this question for you
how does it feel to be a third world country?
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Yes, yes in deed, they'll never win.
and I suggest that you'd rather say: There will be a nice START for as all.