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How Ep Helped...

I usually came on EP to kid around. Answer questions, joke around and sometimes give advice to people if i could. It was last night, when i felt like an empty shell and had nobody to talk too, when people here who never even talked to me helped me like nobody else ever could. I thank everyone who spent time and had genuine concern for my well being. A big thanks to Peter who helped me distract myself from the pain and feel alive again. Thank you. Today i feel teary eyed because i'm happy that i'll never be alone. :')

DcreativeBUG DcreativeBUG 26-30 2 Responses May 31, 2012

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A Scose comic/mimic Groovy Grandad with many interests & Irish blarney will gladly swap emails any time<br />
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Thank God you are okay. Peter in my circle is a great man. He loves everyone. He is most dear...You never will, honey, as you are dear to many. And especially to me. Gigantic hugs...And a flurry of kisses......xoxoxoxoxoxoo

:D &gt;(^.^)&gt; hugs!!!

I am always here for you. Never hesitate to reach out. I have your back, young one. xox