I used to wake up in this reality, hoping things get better. But now I just wait in line, hoping for a change. I'll just do better the next time around.

I used to sing these reality, a song of shame and thought it would've gotten better, about now. But now I see is pain caused by my own worlds, apart. But it will get better, right now.

So, lets take apart this puzzle and re-create this picture. It will get better. I'm going to make it happen.

So now, I am singing with our reality and making some changes for myself. And hopefully within time, you would see. That I've made it better, for us. Lets make it happen.. Lets make this, wonderful reality, happy right now.

Lets make it happen.

I desire no help or would like to be anything other than who am I. My philosophy about life could never change and that's why I am different. Its hard to acknowledge the understanding of a life that we live and be abundant to the words that's been carved within our walls. The treachery of our governments to the people who have led us through years of horrific experiences on human kind and life, has been limiting our own growth because of their seats are comfortable. A god does not create something it has no power over but humans do. Humans create systems to benefit the creator who created the idea or only the people it was brought up to be. What about the new generations, why haven't anyone create a new system, a more suitable one for this century. We are living in the past with its laws and regulations, with its outdated style to live and the outdated people who is in seat. Our system of living needs an update. Its time we all stop what we are doing and get together as a nation to select a new life style of living. How we earn, how we teach, how we drive, how we tax, how we change the past. We need to create a better work force, a better economical structure. A brand new way to teach, to actually set up kids into a better future from a better starting point. But first, everyone needs to get on the same page and be happy, actually be happy for everyone and everything that has happened. To let go of the past incident that involves war and murder that involves nations against nations, brothers against brothers. Everyone needs to be taught the basic of keeping everyone on the same page, to have less occurrences of situations that would provoke another to be in distraught. Life could be beautiful but it needs to truly change to be seen. Life is clouded by the past and it needs to clear away if we actually wanted a better life for ourselves and our next generation. We would have to stop life and fix its problems together as a nation.
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I really like your philosophy of life and the fact we do all need to get together and Change the way things are going.

Yeah, only way to speed things up on that is if someone becomes the beacon of light, my description would be a person or group who has a structure plan, willing to include every human in the future. A new lifestyle ready, a new goal in our daily lives that will be accomplish by the act a person is given or received. We all have knowledge and each individual should all have a chance to reach higher and higher. For our civilization to advance, we all have to advance together to make the most of our time here and show that we do have the will power to include love in our culture. Without love or desire, one would never have created anything without that feeling of wanting something more out of nothing.

you are a very smart man. I see where your coming from. I do not know the plan but if found would join.

I've thought about many things. I've been through many things and they all start the same and end the same, with reasons that could be explained.

i agree with you man.