well i quess i will begin by saying hi to all those who are about to read my story.....

I'm not sure if this has happing to anybody before but i think it probably did....

I work in this supermarket for seven years now.. and my boss son who was 13 or 14 years old used to work there bagging bags for the costumers.  he work there for probably 3 to 4 months.. i liked his company because he was goofy and very laid back, he will make the time go by faster...after a few months he left cause he had to go to school.. u no doing his thing.. he didnt come to the store as much..  he would only stop by once in a blue moon to say hi... its been a year now since he past away at the age of 20. he was in motor cycle accident, around hunting park in philadelphia, from what i was told, while he was riding the motorcycle he tried to pop a willy (left up the bike) and some how he lost control and it fell on top of him.. breaking his body in three parts, tossing him over the other side.. i was heart borken when i heard that this had happened.. i cried and pictured how the whole thing happen like if i was really there when it happened.(why i did that i dont know). a couple of weeks past and i had a dream about him. he was dress in white pants and a white shirt with brown block ***** coming down. (his race is arabic)so i dont know if that had anything to do with how i seened him dressed, but he never dressed like that he was always had jeans and regular shirt on). in my dream i knew that he was dead but i wanted to know how he was. i was so happy to see him again, he said that he was OK but he didnt look it.. alll of a sudden he disappeared and the dream was over.. weeks past and i had another dream of him and again i knew that he was dead but in my head i knew what i wanted to ask him in case i would see him again... so with out any hesitation i ask him if he was  ok he replied yes.. he would disappeared and reappeared, i was the only person who would be able to see him.. i had ask him if i could have something of his that i can keep, so i can remembered him by he said yes.. he ask me if i can thelp him find a watch that he lost.  he wanted to give that watch to his baby sister because they were very close he wanted her to have something to remember him by.  i started to look in the clothes that he had past away in, i ask him if i can keep those jeans he said yes.. when i look in his pocket i found what he was looking for i showed it to him. he was very happy to see that i found it. it was a weird looking watch.. it had an arabic symbol.. it was very pretty and diiferent from anything i have seened before.. he told me to give it to his sister and to tell her that he loved her. so i did i put it on top of her dresser when i saw her i told her that he was here and he wanted for her to know that he loved her... she didnt seem like it meant anything to her.. when i woke up i went to work.. even though i hesitate to tell my boss of that dream... i went ahead and told him anyway... the weird thing was, my boss said  that his son had lost an expense watch that they never found.. couple of weeks past and i had a dream about him again, so i ask him if he was ok.. and if he was trying to tell me something so i can let his family know.... i ask him if he was happy were he was at he said no.. i ask him if he wanted for me to tell something to his mom he said no.. so i ask him what about your dad he told me no because he was very mad at him.. and i think that the reason for that was because he never spend time with his kids.. he work 11 hour a day 7 days a week. but i didnt dare to tell him that, because i didnt want to hurt my boss feelings..since i was having so many dreams about him.. he's father had ask me if i ever hang out with his son after work hours, i said no ..but to be honest it was wiered to me too because we never hung out so i didnt know why he was coming to me. after that  I stop dreaming of him for a while.. but around 3 days ago i seened him in my dreams again, this time he came to the store to visit like he always did, he said hi to his father. I went over to him and gave him this big hug and kiss.. but i stood hugging him like we were a couple.. i got off when i realized what i was doing, i gave him a smile and walk away to continue doing what i was doing.. he walk out and said i see you later. when i woke up i felt real good that i got to see him again...

really i dont know what this means, why is it that he coming to me.. i quess i would never know,,

but when u read this story let me know if u can explain it to me. in a matter that's understandable..

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What I would say is that something in this man's spirit attracted your spirit. Maybe you knew him in a past life but in this life both you and he had other things to do so your interaction is more fleeting.