Peace Does Not Mean Being A Door Mat

why do i give him attention? why, why, why? because i love him! i really do! and i could handle him if only people would ALLOW me to stand up to him... which i'm glad EP has given me a forum to do.

for more detail - see all my stories.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

so last night i sent him an email saying "but you ARE a piece of ****! you lied, Lied and LIED about me, and now you have the fucktard management of wrong planet on side about it!" and then i slept on it, had second thoughts, and emailed back, but the address had been changed to outgoing only (wtf?) but i do want him to read my followup, so here it is:

"On second thoughts... You are not a piece of ****, you just act like one sometimes. You are an intrinsically valuable human being, and should start acting like one. No more lying, no more double crossing, no more pulling me back in, pushing me away, etc... Actually, pulling me back in is fine, it's the pushing me away that I have the problem with."