No One Cares About Me

I've been in my room all summer. No one cares. No one has come to see me. My "family" and my neighbour have dropped by to see my husband, but I've not had so much as a text. During this time, I've been hospitalised as my husband can be verbally and emotionally abusive. I suffer from depression and am on a downer, I know, but I've never been this alone. I'm going to lose my job and no one cares. I drank bleach the other day as I've had episodes of hysteria. I'm losing control. I feel as though I'm in a well and I can't climb out. All that I could be lies on the other side. Bright. Where I don't need anyone else.
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i feel alone and helpless at times too. My father has been a drug addict since i opened my eyes into this world and he just makes everything unbarable. He was never a good husband, son or father and still just cares about inejecteing crap in himself. Even though i know addition is a disease but i can't help blaming him and hating him for ruining my life and my mothers and causing so much husrt to his parents. How do i forgive him?

I have no answer for you,although wishing i did.You have my thoughts and support.This is a good way to voice it though,and doing it helps from my experience.Try not to let it burn you up.You never know what can be around the corner.Repost your words when your troubled,maybe someone will have the answer.If not together we may find it.Take care.NM

If you want, I can keep you though...I have school to be busy with...

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I don't know your situation, but I know that you should call a suicide hotline, because no matter how you feel now, there's a really good chance that with help you will be able to have meaning and hope in your life again.<br />
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