Alone and Pregnant

I am 17 and 10 weeks pregnant.

i live in a drug filled community  and have no real friends.

i hate the guy that got me pregnant.

im all alone, and scared. my parents are no help.

it feels like no one gives a ****.

i dont know what to do anymore...

im not ready for this..

i want to run away far far away.


i hate this, why am i so ******* dumb.

mommytobe mommytobe
3 Responses Apr 22, 2008

be strong you have someone inside you to love and take care of move to a better plane

Hey , your not dumm you made a mistake that is going to change your life can do this girl !

hi, <br />
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i would suggest u to start a new life with ur baby. its better to move away from where u are. find a job for u. now u gota live 4 ur baby. take it as a challange. <br />
<br />
u can consider me as ur friend. if u wish mail me on<br />
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all the best.