Long story short. Abusive family not in the picture anymore. 20 year marriage gone. One kid wont talk to me. The other one lives with grandparents. Both kids are grown. Now im in an abusive relationship dtates away from my kids with no job and no way out except death.
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I. Know what ur going through. I have no friends or family really even. My husband is cruel and I just want it to end...

You ever gone to abuse therapy?? You should see if there are any groups out there like that in your area!!! And If you are suicidal ,Pls call a crisis hotline or speak to your DR!!! One thing in life is certain and that is change!!! Only you have the power make such changes!!

Sitting around feeling bad about it isnt gonna make this happen!!! Chin up!!

I have no money or unsurance. No way out. Applied for all sorts if jobs. Been like this for a year now. Ive checked. All therapy costs money. Im stuck.

Then maybe you need to find forums!! All kinds of people out tyhere been through simliar to you and can help with the mindset!! But first you can do this yourself as well!! The power of the mind is indeed strong!! I know you can do this!!!

Self examination is KEY!!! You need to take responsiblity too for why you are in the positon you are in!! Trust me on this!! Find forums,and self examine!! Should help some!!


I do take responsibility but theres no way out. No one underdtands or cares. Never mind.

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