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Why Am I Alone...?

 I have job, home, car... but I am all alone.

When I ask some people, they say I should go to clubs and bar, but I dont trust people and girls there, because everyone's drunk and they forget me after few hours. 

I love music, Most of the time I hear music, watch some movies at home. I walk near a hudson river. 

Hmm.. I dont know. 

I dont know anyone feels the same. 

- Pursuit of happiness. 

stealme stealme 26-30 5 Responses Aug 4, 2009

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Im never loved by any female in my eyes i feel like theres no for me ive been single my whole life and im 27 and i never been in a relationship like as today i meet this female and i got her number and she hasnt yet talked to me back and i text her about 7 hours ago and she hasnt text me either this is why i dont talk to any one im done with this crap sometime i feel like i should just kill myself so i dont have to deal with the pain of not bein loved i hate every female goin for the other guy and just kick me to the crub like im garbage ive tried so hard not having any feels for a female bc they also hurt me they never ever give me a chance they just dont care anymore about love they just care about money and i cant say that i have money to i go out to dinner alone to the movies alone at my house alone i do everything alone i guess im suppose to be alone for the rest of my life i just wish there was one female to love me

i feel all alone in a crowd at times. This feeling is getting the nest of me since a few months. i wanna get married again lol

that is the best they not have activity clubs of social activities? like dances, or outings or something like that? bars are no good....never pick anyone up in the bar or clubs, you never know where they come from, who they really are...and most of the time they are just there for one thing!

Hmm yeah you are right. The girls I meet at the clubs, I dont really trust them. I am planning volunteer in some public service in New york. Hope the best.

i am sorry to hear that, i know what it is like, i feel the same way to. <br />
and yes, I agree with you bars and night clubs are a joke, why not try activity clubs? groups? that kind of thing, something positive, better than bars!!!!

church is good for this kind of stuff