Allergic To Alcohol? Yup.

What’s first thing you think when you see the title?
Oh that’s horrible.
Sucks to be you.
That’s right, I can’t have rum balls. Devastation.
A couple of years ago my dad decided to teach me good drinking habits for the future. It’s always good to start early. Passing me a little glass of red wine, he said “Drink slowly”, and I took the first sip.
Within 10mins I began to get a reaction, not a normal reacting like feeling relaxed or confident, but instead I began to ache, but that wasn’t the fun part.
I begin to get hot and cold flushes, thinking this was normal, I just ignored it.
It wasn’t until at the end of 2009 that after drinking half a bottle of Cruiser - a vodka drink - that the huge amounts of pain I was experiencing, was definitely not normal.
So I came to the conclusion, I should stop drinking entirely.
A reason event as also supported my decision of stopping; it was only last week too. I was working at a restaurant I’m quite fond off.  I was washing some dishes and I begin to feel some pain in my hands, looking closely, I was a huge rash had spread across my knuckles. I told my boss about it and they asked me what I was allergic too. I said, nothing, and she wondered what it was that set it off.
Thinking about my allergies, I remembered the 2009 event and told her, except for alcohol.
“What?” was her reaction. Alcohol I repeated.
It turned out that alcohol was not only was there an alcohol substance in the soap I was using but also, the hand sanitizer. It was the first time I use both these things, which helped the theory.
Though I may not have had an actual test, looking up the symptoms, it seems that it is possibly, though it is very rear.
I know I’ve never been normal, but it’s always interesting to see that even my body like to agree with me. I’m not normal, but maybe it’s a good thing.
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You're normal, am also allergic to alcohol