Aloe Is In Everything :(

I was about 8 the first time I experienced an Aloe burn. A friend's older sister applied some sunscreen to my shoulders that felt like I was lit on fire. I wasn't old enough to figure it out though. My second experience involved a fresh Aloe plant that was growing in my front yard. I broke a piece off and got it on my hands, and eventually on my face. I hived up, and that is when I realized. I think I was probably 11 then. Through the years, I would receive many lotion and bath kit gifts that contained Aloe, even though most people knew I was allergic. Most of those gifts were re-gifted to someone else. When Herbal Essence shampoo came out in the 90s, I learned pretty quickly that many of them contain Aloe. That sucked because every girl I went to school with smelled like it, and I loved it so much. I avoid bath and body works like it's the plague! It's torture to walk by there and smell those amazing smells. They seem to put Aloe in everything these days, and they don't always have it right on the front for you to see. One time I made the mistake of using a tissue to blow my nose that contained Aloe. Unfortunately, I passed this allergy onto my daughter, who is now 2 years old. We recently discovered that they put Aloe in diapers sometimes. That is actually what led me to this site. Is it really that uncommon to have an Aloe allergy? It seems like it's uncommon, because they put it in just about everything now. I hate that I passed this allergy onto her, because she is going to have to read every single label on everything for the rest of her life. Some products will slip passed her, and she will find out the hard way, just like the rest of us. That really stinks! 
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Have you tried Vaseline with Cocoa butter in it? I used regular Vaseline for a long time when I needed it, for rough areas, and to protect my face when it's dry. I was told it can clog pores if you use it too often, but it's better than nothing! <br />
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That stinks you got triple slapped with nut, aloe and dimethicone allergies! That is like every lotion ever.