My Son Is Allergic To Aloe Vera

I've never even heard of anyone having a problem with aloe until last year while we were on a vacation in Mexico. My then ten year old son got a sunburn ( shame shame on Mom for letting that happen) and as usual we applied aloe gel to the burn. We'd done this before and never had a problem, but this time he said it burned started to cry and broke out in large blisters. We are getting ready to go on vacation again and have made sure to find a sunscreen that is without aloe (talk about a nightmare) but I'm not sure what to do if he gets burnt again. I mean we're going to try and make sure that don't happen but there is a reason there is that saying "**** happens". I'm not sure what to do.

bwtchsamdar bwtchsamdar
31-35, F
Mar 10, 2010