And This Is What Imma Gonna Do.......

I will question every single word that comes out of a male mouth.....I will take nothing at face value.  I will keep my heart for myself, guarding it jealously, refusing to let it be stomped on anymore.  You lie to me? You lose my trust.  I have survived much, and I can survive this, as well.  I will not let you bring me down.  I will just make damned sure you can't do it again.  Leave me alone?  Don't be surprised if someone else wants the time you throw away.  At one time, you thought I was the sun and the, all that has been covered over.  Heaped upon by lies and deception, by neglect and complacency.....buried so deeply it has been all but forgotten.  Bullshit?  Yes....I'm afraid you are full of it .....and it is anathema to me.........
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It has. I simply disregard anything he says. I've learned my more all.

I hear that ans totally agree with you calistoast. Hoefully it'll get better :)

Trouble is, my gut ALWAYS says that.......

Good for you girl! This sounds like the declaration of woman who will be strong and not taken for granted! We women all need to be stronger because some males can just be NO GOOD. Just keep in mind though, you shouldn't be questioning "every single word that comes out of a male mouth". You have to just accept that in general people are good, even though you've been hurt. But when you're gut tells you to suspect dishonesty, then trust that feeling.



"there is no man alive who, having hurt you, deserves your ongoing and lifelong fear of opening your heart to another" FNB, i really like this. i just wish i could live it. i have made improvements, thanks to a special man i've met, but i wonder if i'll get to this point 100%?

As a matter of fact, I do..........please, PantsR2PN, to what do you allude?????

Don't you worry, baby...he's not gonna keep me down. I'm already onto someone else....<br />
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Thanks for the encouragment!!!!<br />
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K , stay strong hun just like you encouraged me!! gotta wonder if we were tricked by the same full of b.s. male? or maybe most of them know how to lay it on thick? oh well kick a$$ gurl and keep trucking!! sam

I believe both genders as equally capable of deception and betrayal. In my case, I happen to be a heterosexual girl, so the ob<x>ject of my frustration is by necessity, male. I meant no offense to the gender as a whole, except as it relates to me, personally.<br />
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Thanks for commenting..<br />
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The male is not the only one capable of deception. In fact I believe the female is just better at it.

Thanks , so much, ihillway .....and I quite agree!!<br />
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Good for you. Live life for yourself, in the end you are the only person who will have to endure the whole journey. If you find pleasant travel companions, great! But don't let anyone drain the joy from your life.

(((((hugs))))) to you. stay strong,P :)

Thanks, Jerrica....I know how tough it's been for you..<br />
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((((((((((((((((((((((((((Jerrica)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))<br />

i can understand this. it's hard for me as well not to be skeptical of what people say.

Ah , but you fail to read my words, opting instead to insert your own . "I will question every single word " is what I wrote. Not that I would disbelieve offhand..........

I can tell this comes from frustration and fear. Another well written piece, though I do not like your message, I can certainly understand it. Thanks for being straight about it. I believe I understand what you say.<br />
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But if you are constantly dis-believing everything, aren't you throwing away truth in your zeal to identify and ignore the BS.