Ahh, Smell That?

I grew up with the king of bullshit, my dad! How could anyone other than a professional bullshit master convince a 9 year old that tomatoes come from huge cumulous clouds? This is why I today can successfully weed through all bullshit, from small offences, to monster piles, and find the truth in between. BTW, has anyone ever read the book " 'Your call is important to us' The truth about bullshit" ? It's good!
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

I grew up with a mother who didn't exactly bs but it was close, it was we could do this or that or we're going to do this and it never happened ... so I know how frustrating and annoying this type of talk is. In a way I wish I could master it but I'm too much into not raising people's hopes about stuff.