The Many Forms Of Bs

BS is pervasive and has many forms. It is the engine that runs our country and it's deception fuels growth and the hope for prosperity. I find it comical however that those that thrive on hype and promotion become so caught up in their tornado of tricks that they don't realize how they look to others around them. When I listen to politicians propagandizing their party I'm amazed they don't see how silly they appear by never complimenting their opponents. A true diplomate would always acknowledge his adversary and in dong so would establish his/her credibility.

Signs of a BSer: Always, 100%, absolute, never, unequivocally. The only thing I know as absolut is Vodka.
Signs of a objective thinker; maybe, sometimes, perhaps, usually, often, rarely.

I rarely take medications but whenever a BSer pops onto my radar I look for the Benedryl.

One of my favorite lines: If BS were electricity you'd be a powerhouse.
vertigolaunch vertigolaunch
51-55, M
May 7, 2012