I dont take anyones sh*t. I refuse to let anyone talk down to me or push me around. I have a major problem with authority. Theres so many fake ignorant people in this world. I say whatever is on my mind, and if i have a problem with you ill make it clear. Im really sarcastic when im around people i dont like. One thing that really fuels my fire is when people make up stories just to seem "cool" especialy when its obvious that what their saying is Bullshit. Other things that ticks me off is when people act like everything and everyone is so beneath them. Ive been straight forward my whole life and im not gunna change to please people. I could honestly care less if someone doesnt like me. I would rather be respected than liked.
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Respect deserved indeed, not giving a **** is a "blessing" imo, but showing it is a whole other thing, I usually just walk away from ignorant/ annoying people I guess I just have a problem with hurting people in general and can't really force myself to potentially push away someone with words, might be cause i'm also quite shy with some people, but then again there seems to be like a limit to which I break like you do and just bluntly say what I feel like. I guess alot of people just have diferent ways of dealing with others, not implying I agree or dissagree with your metheod, I actually wish I had the courage to be blunt and honest with others, something I must work on. Much respect from me :3

You go gurl! Keep it up, an you'll get lots of respect

Hell yeah I feel you.<br />
These people have definately increased.<br />
It ****** me off how there alright with being fake It just puzzles me how they accept themselves!