Am I? Hell No.

I love made up things (if they are within my morals)

Like if you said "Ahhhh a frog crawled out that mans ***!" Thats withing my morals I guess but imagine if a larger frog put that one there?

Like human sized.


Why so tall why not small why not fat why not along the latin why not a rat in a hat why not a welder made of steel welding cotton?


Because GOD.

^That is not bullshit unless you are EXTREMELY STUPID (Or just too logical lol hi:D

Stupid vs:


Stupid = 0

Creative = 0
Logic = 1

Some people think like this. In my mind.

I'm not stupid. If I was how would you know you're not stupid?

Nothing is bullshit. We AS PEOPLE are nothing.

Are we bullshit??? YOU'RE AN *******.

Bullshit is just what you don't understand/care to even try.
Acchbellon Acchbellon
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012