Why Would He Do That To Me?

So, there's this guy, i liked him, i told him, he didnt like me back. Okay,he started texing my sister, i told him how that hurt my feelings and i was jealouse, but then he purposely started paying more attention to me sister instead of me, constantly complimenting her pictures on facebook and texting her long hours in the night and not me. Over the times we speak i find him getting angry at me for the little things i do.Today he accidently showed his true colors, he reveled he was doing that to me on purpose vaugly, by saying "your just mad i keep rejecting you again and you need to get over it before you dont get anything for me". and now i see what he was doing to me, why would he do that? what should i do?..... thats so cruel, i'm just a girl to him but i have feelings too. ;(
HazelNut93 HazelNut93
18-21, F
Dec 6, 2012