Bad Luck

I spent the whole night preparing for this test. I woke early the next monring to review the basic concepts and make some memorial notes. At 9:00am I dressed up and did the morning routine. Then I waited, and at 10:00 am I drove to college and threw the car in the parking lot. I walked under feeling cheerful this day, but when I reached college no student was to be found. I sat in the campus reviewing and then went for a walk. On my way back I was afraid to be late for the test. I ran into my friend. She was surprised to see me walking. Apparently the exam had been an hour later, and I lost it. I screwed everything and walked back to the parking lot. I prepared fairly for that stupid test, and now my score is zero because someone has inserted a wrong time in the schedule. The test was easy and straightforward according to another friend. Ugh, how did that happen? I've never missed a test before.
On my way back to home I almost hit a motorbike and hurt the man on it. Lately, a lot of bad things are happening to me. I feel like just giving up! Sorry about complaining, but it helps in balancing my excessive emotions.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

If someone messed up the date/time in my exam schedule, i'd be equally pissed. If I were you, I'd email the lecturer/prof to request for a re-test in light of the circumstances. It's only fair that you get "another" chance at the test thanks to the silly administrative mistake.

I don't think that is possible. The blame is always on the student no matter what excuse he/she gives. The only way to get through this is by scoring 70% on the final test. I have to do my best :S