That Guy Sequel: That Girl

Ohh you know where I'm going this because you've all seen her before in your life... probably more than you'd ever want to.

She's that girl that takes all day getting dressed & putting on her make up then when someone compliments her on her looks she simply can't just say "thank you" like a normal human being... no it has to be a seen. "Oh no I don't, I look hideous" she says, knowing DAMN well its a lie. Or even worse, she keeps strutting along while sticking her nose in the air & saying "I know".

HA! You're not "cute" or "hot" anymore, you're just getting annoying.

Or girls, you ALL know that girl in your group who is actually really intelligent but near men she purposely acts stupid >.> That dude could till her that the sky was pink and she would say "Oh! And to think I always thought that color was called blue." Dumb.

The same girl that sits at the bar simply to reject all the idiotic dudes that decide "Hey! Maybe that stuck up woman would be PERFECT to hit on!" While the rest of the actual nice, sweet hearted girls sit in the corner waiting for a Guy simply to look your way because you've just wanted to get on the floor and dance all night!

Yeah, well I'm just here to say those girls are so unattractive & no matter what you do DON'T BE THAT GIRL! You will be doing our species a favor ;)
Viridity Viridity
18-21, M
Dec 10, 2012