Being Broke Stinks, But...

You know, I have a lot of reasons to sit here and wallow in self-despair with the circumstances of my life, but when I wallow I am more inclined to not DO ANYTHING to change what I don't like. There's part of me that is extremely allergic to the bullshit excuses I can make for not improving my life.
From that place in me that is highly allergic, here's what I've come to know is true:
Life is always going to present us with stuff that has the potential to suck the joy right out of life. We can start down the well-worn road of thoughts that affirm our misery, OR we can fuel the thoughts that in turn create empowering choices that then in turn actualize positive change. IT'S ALL ABOUT CHOICE. No, things won't change overnight just from feeding positive thoughts, but life will begin to build some momentum towards positive change and empowering circumstances.
I think we're just beginning to understand the power of our minds. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. Choose the good ones...
VTMarkus VTMarkus
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 10, 2012

wow amen sister u go girl