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There's 'that Girl' 2!

Okay so I'm floored that my last story on 'that guy' hit such a cord and got such rousing feedback; thanx all times a million! I have actually recieved some calls for a female version of this story, one that would call out that group of our dear lady friends who are complete and utter lunkheads right on par with the fellas...
And you know what? I've decided to oblige, for two very good reasons: 'that guy' was loads of fun putting together, so i figured why the heck not do one for gals? And second, let's just be honest, 'that girl' exists too, and she's not getting off the hook either!
So what exactly do i mean by 'that girl'? Come on, EP friends, you know what I'm talking about; 'that girl'! The girl who's best of friends, BFF, top dog mutha****** isn't a real physical humanoid per say, not even all her techno Steve Jobs-esque gadgets, no, this girl's best friend is the MIRROR; yup, 'that girl' who must've gotten the memo from Jehovah Himself that she is just stunning, we're talking drop-dead gorgeous, like a Hollywood starlet crossed with a divine feminine angelic cherub; i mean, this girl walks around all day long with that gait, that stride, the walk that says, 'yup you've seen it here first, I'm beautiful, and you're in love with me. And if you're not, well, you're obviously gay so i forgive you. God, doncha just detest 'that girl'? I mean, she's managed to convince herself that she has the key, that something, that makes anything and everything with a ***** trip over their adoration for her; and you know the funniest part? We've all seen women ten times hotter than her, and smarter and nicer too, so what da eff? 'That girl' is a real trip!
Ooh and let's not forget the girl who virtually throws herself at anything male, as if suffocating a dude with her number, or a text message, and general clingy presence is anything more than kinda stalkerish; or the girl who plays the part of naive, dopey-eyed schoolgirl just to impress some loser who only proves his loser status by wanting a girlfriend who has a bachelor's degree in bimbo playacting. Man, girls like that make me wanna shake some sense into 'em.
And how about the classic shopaholic? That girl who heads out to the mall as if she's going on a high tech spec op mission or something; this girl will burn a hole in her financial status buying about two dozen pairs of shoes that look kinda just like that two dozen pairs she bought last summer; I mean, SERIOUSLY? It's too painful of a cliche, doncha think?
And now we come to maybe 'that girl' who irks me the most, and I give advance warning that the following content may make you detest me, but hey, tough, I chastise those whom I love lol; I'm talking about the girl who just KNOWS she has got all male humanoids figured out down to a T; this girl feels she's an expert on all things DUDE, and needs only to hear a guy sneeze and she can tell his life story; I mean, this girl has turned herself into the queen of generalizations, and thinks she's proving her intelligence and wit, while only fashioning a sign for herself with NITWIT painted in bright red chalk and wearing it around her neck. ANNOYING!
I think we've all known 'that girl' at one point or another in our daily lives, and it's a real trip; I mean, you gotta think that women like that have gotta get outta breath being so, so...'that girl'ish, right?
DIYman DIYman 22-25, M 10 Responses Dec 10, 2012

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When you get to that point in time when you're attending your 20 and maybe 30 year HS reunions you will quickly observe that "that girl" and "that guy" from HS have morphed into indescribable nothings! Then you'll smile!

I'm going to defend "that girl". Wait wait, bear with me for a minute. I'm not defending all of them, or saying that being "that girl" is the way to go. But the ones that think they're Gods gift to mankind, the hottest little trick on the block, I'm going to defend. Some (most) of them actually do think they're the best girl you're never going to get, but for some of them, they're thinking "I'm not pretty, I'm not really anything, but by God I'm going to pretend that I'm the hottest thing ever. Maybe if I think it enough, I'll start to believe it." That's all I'm defending, the ones that are trying to make themselves feel better. Also, a type of "that girl" that I really hate are the users. The ones that sit back and think, I'm never going to do anything, I'll just bat my long eyelashes and find some stupid guy to do it for me. Hate those.

Yeah you may be right about 'some' of those chicks thinking they're all that really being insecure about themselves, but i know that some of them do think they're EVERYTHING. Also, good call on the takers; can't believe i missed that one; thanx:)

Love. Everything. About. This. Kudos to you, sir, for an excellent piece.

Thanks a million! I'm knocked out you enjoyed it:)

Very well put I must say....................however you forgot the “fake girl”, so fake you aren’t really sure who she is. You know the one who is a bit like a chameleon, always changing her colors to fit in.......Seriously, just be who you are!

Good one! Can't believe i forgot that one, thanx:)

I've never seen typing like this in my life, im not a one for reading, just listening. But this was funny.

I think all males have witnessed or even experienced the un-stoppable wrath of 'that girl' at some point, i don't know what ones worse, the on who walks around thinking she is the beauty of beauty's, or the one who thinks she know's all about Men. its impossible to chose between, the only way to find out is to spend a trial of 7 days with them, and see what one you slit your wrists at the quickest, that would determine the ultimate champion of, 'that girl.

Good story keep them coming lol

Eureka! That's a terrific idea, if a bit fatal lol I think we've all encountered those gals at one point or another:) Again glad you liked it.

Fatal indeed my friend, as we all know, a truth we have to face, Women will always be the death of a Man lol

no doubt about that one! They're a kinda bat**** crazy species aren't they:)

Crazy, but lovable :)

Hell yes!

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Sadly i have to admit i have met some of those qualities of that girl very funny

glad you liked it:)

I always imagine everyone including "that boy or girl" on their death bed. Or alone in the dark. Very good writing and from my eyes very intune with the world.

thanks for the kudos:)

Hahaha...yes I definitely know some of "those girls!" Funny I used to work with a girl, beautiful girl in more ways than one, but had to run back to check her face out in the compact mirror every 10 minutes (I used to laugh and shake my head at her everytime) but honestly she wasn't vain the thing I think irks me the most is the the fakeness and vanity in some. Nice sequel DIY, your wit and realness is awesome :)

Thank you much! Glad you enjoyed it:)

Im allergic to bullshit lmao good title you should become a writer you capture readers interest easily just a thought :)

thanx! I actually consider myself somewhat of a writer; and am working on a book right now, so...

Oh that ***** :) yes we all know so well

lol now now be nice!

Me nice....hehe, believe me...that is nice ;)