I Don't Believe In The Word Promise!

How many times in a life you meet a person who vows that " I'll always be there when you need me, I promise... forever... more promises...". I stopped believing in promises a few years ago, but then a person I met reinserted this idea in my head. I gave that certain person my secrets, my personal life details, and I spent days and night talking with. We became really close and we promised to always be there for each other.It took me a lot to trust the person, but he/she finally got me. Let's call this person Dan(it can be a girl or aboy). After one year with Dan I had hope again, and I had more company than usual, but then he started changing.
He always praised my grades, my parents, my life, and wished to be in my place. He always said that I'm the best person in the world.
Then suddenly Dan decided to go away. I don't know the reason, but Dan just drifted away-no calls, no messages, no visits. I was used to loneliness before Dan came, but since Dan entered my life I forgot how it is to be lonely.
Now I lost not only a person, I also lost faith. No person can be trusted.
Why do people make promises if they intend to break it?
Why do people call themselves friends?
ScarletGS ScarletGS
18-21, F
Dec 13, 2012