It Seems That...

Everyone thinks it's okay to treat me like ****, and I am not really quite sure why. I created this account to get my anger out so I will not be tolerating the usual bull. For some reason, a person I have always, always been one hundred percent kind to was a total *** hole to me and I am very hurt, but I don't know whether I should let it go or not. He belittled my beliefs (a movement I am part of) to me personally, when I told him I was offended, he switched the subject, but today wrote a story about how stupid my belief is (feminism). I am very irked and I can't decide whether I should just drop it or not. He really made me feel like ****.
Perhaps this wasn't exactly the right group to put this in, but I don't really care.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Listen it doesn't matter what people say or do at the end of the day we all still feel anger but we'll get over it....It's called dealing with ****....And that's why I think I have come to admire you....That and because you are a soul eater fan :3