Everything You Know Is Wrong

well i am so amazed at the info i have been reading. i have found info that is impossible to debunk. i have been shaken to my very core learning what i already knew. once i read the info i began to do my best to prove it BS. i couldnt. so i shared the site with close friends and family. weve been reading and studing it since early october. here it is jan. and we still can not disprove it. this info is so strong in logic that my religious knowledge has been challenged. i have come to know that all religions are controlling an therefore not valid. all religions are man made and not what G*D promised us which is FREE WILL. anything that is real is logical. anything that is true will ring clear and we will recognize it as truth. having said all this i would like to share this site and allow it to open your mind and for you to see the truth as it really is and that will allow you to save your family from the cataclysms to come. o am not crazy. and neither are you. check it out. zetatalk.com. just read and let me know what you think.
mojo30337 mojo30337
46-50, F
Jan 16, 2013