I'm Not Mean, I'm Just Honest !

Even as a teenager my tolerance for bullshit was minimal at best . . I was mouthy, and opinionated, and always on the offense. Or defense, maybe because I felt judged a lot of the time, and so I needed to protect myself. I wouldn't hesitate to call people out on their BS, often it took a lot for me to be pushed to that limit, but damn when I got there it was on ! This is part of the reason I wasn't popular or well-liked, especially by other females. But I didn't give a **** about people's opinions of me, I still don't. I never let this stop me from telling it like it is, even if my perspective was skewed. I hate it when people tippy toe around others for the sake of being polite, or just to keep the peace. Especially when you know in your gut what they are spewing is absolute bullcrap ! I was never one to back down from a good argument, though at times my emotions and passionate nature may have gotten the best of me, and I may have found myself at a loss for appropriate words.
I'm still this same way now, I just don't have the patience, never have . . though I have learned over the years that much as you may feel the need to express your views, people don't always care to hear what you have to say. This is especially true when sheer honesty is being presented . . many people just plain have a hard time hearing the truth. However, everyone's truth is their own. At this point, for the sake of my sanity (& blood pressure lol), I may let a persistent argument pass without confrontation . . it becomes so clear after awhile that some things just ain't never gonna change ! But in the thick of some serious bullshit, I can be counted on to track it all over & leave it to be cleaned up !!
KattG KattG
51-55, F
Jan 18, 2013