I Feel Like I M Ready To Leave This Earth. Im Tired Of The Struggle.

right now i feel so sad. ive never felt this sad before. i never thought i would say this but im so sad i wanna just die and get it over with. seriously. i picked up my cell phone to call someone to make me feel better. i then realized i have no one to call. i have no friends. i do not keep friends because i dont trust anyone. the few people i did call my friend have all proved that i am only there friend when they need me,if i need them they dont answer when i call or they dont have time for me. so i really dont count them as friends just people i know.
so here i am out of work and my unemployment has ran out. i have no job prospects. i have filled out so many apps online. no response.
i have a daughter and future son in law who live here in the same house as i do. we split the bills three ways. well he lost his job last year and has been on unemployment over a year.(his unemployment is out also) three weeks ago my daughter lost her job on a bogus sexual harassment accusation.so... we three out of work have no chance of making rent. so i for the first time in my life i do not know what is going to happen to us. we have no family to speak of and no idea what we are going to do. i am so sad and ready to give up. i am really really hurt.
if there is anyone in columbus georgia that can help me with employment i really need the help. im honest and do not steal. i can pass a background check and drug test. my email is mojo30337@gmail.com. my internet should be on for another week or so please respond fast.thanks.

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1 Response Jan 24, 2013

i am sorry to hear you are going through this. I am not able to offer you a job. I live in another country altogether and can only offer you my prayers and on-line friendship and support.
prayer, faith in yourself and enterprise are what will get you through. I have been where you are. I went street begging (yes i did). From there i got a guitar (could play three chords) and went busking. Now i am doing ok. But i still remember those days and constantly think of ways to make money come in with out a huge outlay. I do not know what the laws are re busking, begging and hawking in your state, but even buying a couple of bags of balloons and some ribbon and selling them at the park for a buck a balloon will get you by.
As the saying goes, Keep calm and carry on