Finding Out I Had An Allergy

Well I am a 24 year old female, my whole life I grew up sick. In my late teens I found that I developed an allergy. I had no clue what I was allergic to, and my doctors kept just saying "you have severe allergies just take singular, then it went to Allergra d, Zertec (which never worked), Zertec D .. I was so tired of it always doing this to me.. The reactions I was getting was, Hives covering my neck and throat, my throat started feeling scratchy and sore almost like it was bleeding, like my throat would start to swell up it felt like it was closing in on me, it was so hard to breathe. I finally got fed up with having the doctors just tell me I have severe allergies but won't tell me what their to, they didn't even recommend me getting an allergy tests done. I went on my own. Results: Tomatoes, Grass, Dust Mites, Mold, & other citric things... Well.. I had been eating tomatoes like everyday, had a tomatoe bush in the backyard, eat ketchup on like everything, I loved tomatoes.. and now I can't eat them.. To be honest, it's still pretty hard to get used to, I found out in May of last year 2009 and it's already February 2010, 9 months knowing, I would let things slide and sneak some tomatoes or ketchup, I know I really shouldn't. I also have other health problems, I have an abnormal heart beat which causes me to have shortness of breath, & I have illness induced asthma.


My goal for 2010 is to try my best to resist all urges to eat citric acid foods, It's soo hard because their soo good.. its going to be a challenge.. how did everyone else do it?

pupiendogs pupiendogs
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2010