Trust Yourself and What Your Body Is Telling You

I discovered this after having gained 5 sizes in clothes in about 2 months.  I started losing my hair and couldn't walk from severe pain.  Doctors told me that it was simply because I ate too much and didn't exercise enough and tried to force anti-depressants on me since I had cried in their office. Who wouldn't cry when you know something is wrong and you are in pain, scared and the doctors and specialists aren't listening?

At the time, I was broke and had very little to eat.  I was also a scholarship student at an Aikido dojo and was at the dojo 4 days a week for a total of 12 hours each week of martial arts training.  So, that was bull. 

I refused the anit-depressants, did my own research and went to a Naturopath with what I had found out.  She believed me and ran the correct tests.  I/we were right.  By that time, my organs were already starting to shut down and my tissues were so swollen that they were constricting my heart. 

I eliminated all forms of gluten and soy and everything is so much better.  I've dropped 3 of those 5 sizes and I am dancing around again.  No pain and hair is staying on my head. It's such a relief.

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3 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Thanks 5parr0w and fireworks. It hasn't always been easy but it's been worth it and amazingly enough gf and sf eating can be heavenly. And, 5parr0w, you are right - there are some amazing doctors out there. I just happened to run into a few in a row that were a bit set in their thoughts. I'm integrative in my medicine - I will go natural if at all possible.

you are a amazing woman!!! kudos to you for not taking what those doctors said and getting the right answers!!!

You are a brave lady. It is so difficult to turn your back on the "experts" (a.k.a doctors) and find your own answers. I have had my share of those types too but a few excellent doctors who really listened have earned my trust. It is so important to do our own research and not follow blindly. You are an dance with joy!