Changing My Food, My Lifestyle

It is now over two weeks since I stopped eating food products containing any wheat. It is hard as most products, except for fruits, veggies and off course meat does not contain wheat.

No more junk food, bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, most spices or even breakfast cereal for me. Even coffee doesn't work well with me anymore. Beer and wine is also a big no-no for me. If a product does not specify what is in there, then I don't eat it. It is a big adjustment for me but if I want to live like a normal person again, I have to cut it out completely. At first I thought it was just wheat intollerance, but after I went to the doctor, he told me I'm allergic to it and I should stay away from it.

One good thing did come out of it though: I losing weight fast - 4kg in one week so far. Yet, I'm irrititated 'cause I'm still unsure about what to buy and what to eat. I'm reading the labels, watching out for wheat and gluten. It is frustrating to say the least. I never knew so many products contained wheat. Many days I make normal lunch/dinner for my family then I end up with either a egg or maybe a piece of fish and veggies. The food smell so nice but I can't risk eating it otherwise I'll suffer for the next couple of days.

I'm still wondering how it started. I know that it happened over time but these last couple of months it was very bad until I started cutting back on certain foods. I've noticed how if I don't eat a certain food, my body don't react badly to it. Until one day I came across an article about wheat intollerance and allergy... then I realised that was me.

Funny, I could never diet and now I have to change my whole diet to fit my health to live normally... but on the plus side, I wanted to loose weight. Be careful what you wish for, they say. Well, I'm getting my wish - just not the way I hoped for.
Alera Alera
36-40, F
3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I just got diagnosed with a wheat allergy too. I recommend the "Wheat Belly" books. A lot of interesting stuff in them. What's passing for wheat these days is actually killing people. But anyway, there's no wheat in most beers. It's got a little bit of gluten (barley), but many are safe for people who are allergic to wheat but not Celiac. Gluten-free diets are pretty unhealthy too, because the substitutes have really high glycemic indexes. They explain that in Wheat Belly too.

Yeah this is me you guys I've been off wheat but I know I cannot handle it so glad to have people who understand <33

Just realising I am wheat intolerant - for a ton of reasons! A lot of health concerns are starting to add up. Don't think that I'm allergic but know for sure that the terrible bloating has vastly improved after only a couple of days of staying away from wheat and my stomach and overall indigestion problems are already feeling so much better. Plus various other icky ailments have started to fade. I'm on early days so at mo doing lot of research.