It is something about being on earth almost 4 decades life is beginning to grow on me. Although I am secretly relieved I am not graying yet lol. The little things don't trouble me anymore. I forgive quickly and I have a nice great big cup of **** it every morning. Oh how I wished I knew of this recipe in my 20's. Things seemed so much more worrisome then. Now I gladly worry about nothing. What will be will be. What's for me is for me. Life is too short to worry about people that don't love you.

I am grateful for this journey, even though media may suggest my stretch marks are ugly, my hair is not pretty, I am over the hill. My clothes aren't good enough, shoes not expensive enough, car not fancy enough. I wouldn't be anyone else. You matter and dang nabbit you are so worthy and so beautiful. Take a deep breath mmmmmm that's life!
No matter you're woes there is someone battling cancer or another terminal disease who would gladly walk in your shoes. Live it!
ChanSoLovely ChanSoLovely
41-45, F
Jan 25, 2016