I Don't Feel My Age And It's Depressing.

My story begins three years ago on a weekend home from college. I think I caught the flu despite getting my vaccination. I was down for three days. Eventually I got better, or so I thought. Since then, I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and weakness that plagues me almost everyday. I've been to the doctors several times. EKG, MRI, and blood tests all came out normal.

Fast forward to present day. For over a month I've been experience frequent urges to urinate. I've been tested for a UTI four different times and they all came out negative. I just found out I've been suffering from acid reflux for quite a while which would explain my chronic sinus problems. The antibiotics I've taken have not solved my sinus infection which is still growing strong and have in fact given me digestive problems. My stomach cramps up just by eating a little bit of food and I am not absorbing enough nutrients from what I eat. I rarely feel hungry. To top everything off, the acid reflux has damaged my throat to the point where I can only take small bites of food at a time. It's painful.

As I type, I am feeling so drained. I don't know how my body could become like this in such a short amount of time. I am just a college student. I am supposed to be enjoying my young life but I just feel so tired all the time to go out and socialize.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

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