How Can This Be?..

If I think I am right about something, and it could be anything like the color of the shirt I wore yesterday to the street names near the house I used to live in, I am 95% of the time wrong!

It's like a phenomena, how could someone be that constantly wrong about stuff?

Sounds very negative I know, but its more humorous than anything , and the really funny part about it is the more adamant I am about knowing something to be right in what I am saying, the more wrong I am.

I cant even choose  the opposite in some situations like having a choice of 3 things and having to pick one of the three, because I will be wrong and my first choice was actually right unless of course I pick that right from the start then its WRONG!

That  prolly was not the best example to give but nonetheless so,so true.



selfish selfish
31-35, F
Feb 21, 2009