Said You Would Never Leave.... But You Did...

he said he would never leave me like my ex husband did but you have maybe not actually moving out but sleeping in the other bedroom and never talking to me is the same thing as leaving me ... i know i have problems and that i dont control my feelings that well but treating me the same way as my ex did in the end of that relationship just shows me that maybe i should just be alone for the rest of my life i cant do this on again off again relationship i know i am broken and unfixable and that i need to let you go and have a better life with someone else... I tell you to go and you say your staying I want you to be happy and i know with me you wont be.... you tell me i am pretty i tell you i am not i hate everything about myself and that will never change i just want to be loved but i think i just should be left alone for the rest of my life so i stop hurting everyone that says they love me how can anyone love me when i cant love myself
whoooty whoooty
31-35, F
Jan 15, 2013