He Said He Loved Me!!!

so i met this guy at a job and we liked each other from the start. we were really sync with each other and we hit it off good. he was so sweet and so funnt. he was amazing and he treated me so well it was nice. he was a good looking guy too. i mean girls would want him all the time. he was down to earth and went to church. well anyways... at this time he was actually with a girl but left her for his own reasons and that he didnt wanna be with her anymore....and the fact that i didnt know at first i was mad about it. i was not a **** or anything but you get it. anyways we were with each other and we it was great. we had a great bond. we got each other and always had a good time. he WAS ALWAYS MAKIN ME LAUGH! he was a great dude. then school was starting up and he seemed distant but it was b.c of everything he was doing. so i thought it was best if we broke up but would still remain friends. after all we did work with each other. well then he tells me he was falling in love with me! it hurted to hear that in a way. we were getting close but i was shocked that he would tell me that so fast. i mean, talk about leaving my guard up!!!! but i still said we should still leave it alone and go our own ways. (for some stupid reason!) we agreed and that was how it was going to be.

work we saw each other and it was all good. it was normal...for a while. then things became distant and we stopped talking. in all fairess he was the one who started to act weird. he didint talk to me. nothing. and why didnt i just speak to him?? lol i was always shy around him. he always gave me butterflies. the thought of him shooting me down would kill me so i was chicken and left it at that.
it got weird b.c apparently he wanted to move dept. and i did the same. i ended up going over nights. it sucked and i came back to my old dep within a week. lol. it was bad. well guess what! he was still there!~ ugh it was bad. i thought he would have left by now. lol. well things did not change. i swear he didnt want me there either. well then time passed a bit and he was leavin that next day.
**well check this out,.... the nexy day i go in at 12, and i would ride my bike to work since it was close. well on the way into the lot, i get hit by a car and i land hard on the ground i needed a ambulance to come and get me. i was rushed to the er and all that. it was bad.
THIS IS HIS FIRST DAY IN HIS NEW DEP. he finds out like everyone else and says nothing to noone! he sees me sis go up there to talk about a absent leave and he says nothing to her.
~~(in the next few days i have ot get my mouth wired shut b.c i broke my jaw) so think of all that crap i had to go thru!! )
well a couple of days later guess who i get a letter and gifts from??
yeah. him.
****he get my moms address from my sis at work and leave me a big bear, flowers, 3 movies and a card at the front door!!!!!!!!
Ofcourse i text him to thank him and i am completely speechless to think he still has feelings for me.
well talk back and fourth and we end up meeting!
he spills the beans about everything. how he was scared and worried about me and wanted to go to the er and did that next night AND he wanted to ask my sis about me when he saw her at work and all this and that. it was nice.
well at this time hes with his ex. (the one he left for me)
HE SAID SINCE I LEFT HIM IT WAS HARD FOR HIM TO SEE ME AND KNOW THAT I COULD HAVE JUST DONE THAT TO HIM and his girl was back and buggin and he thought about giivng it another try. so yeah no biggie.
well at this time im feeling bad b.c i more then self concious around him b.c of my grill and all lol. but i did feel bad b.c he had a girlfriend. i didnt like it but hey he had to move on right??
~~~~i start talkin to a guy and we hit it off. i feel for him too. he was there and nice also. he was terriffic. well i tell this guy i needed him to make up his mind b.c i cant be doing this anymore. he said he needed time to do it or somethin' i dont know but i was getting impatient so ofcourse i pulled the stubborn card and told him goodluck with that girl.
it was done! we never spoke to each other again! til this day.
i go by the store and see him and he AVOIDS ME. he cant look at me and turns corners to not walk by or next to me. its hard to deal with that but hey....its whatever b.c i dont know why.
well hear me out now....im with this other guy still and i love him. but heres something not good, I STILL THINK OF THIS GUY EVERYDAY. LIKE ALL THE TIME. I DONT EVER CONTACT HIM IN ANYWAY THO! SO WHY AM I FEELING THIS WAY AND HOW CAN I GET OVER HIM. ITS BEEN A YR FROM NOW.
** and i cant put on here every detail but im sure he was not using me in any way . he was there for me at my lowest time and told me so many feelings he had for me. he was hurt by what i did and didnt know why he got back with his girl! but hes gonna marry her in may! i dont like thinkin about that at all b.c i makes me feel so sick!       WHAT SHOULD I DO? I NEED TO KNOW B.C IF NOT IM SCARED I MIGHT DO SOMETHING STUPID LIKE EMAIL HIM AFTER ALL THIS TIME. B.C ONCE I DO THAT THERES NO TURNING BACK AND I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FACE HIM AGAIN IF I DONT GET A REPLY. ****AND IM ADDING THIS BUT I DID THAT B.C I WAS SCARED HE WAS GOING TO HURT ME FIRST. I HAVE A BAD GUARD AND THOUGHT I WAS TOO LUCKY TO BE WITH SOMEONE AS GREAT AS HIM!
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Yes I no how u feel but I think I'm handsum but no girls like me if ud text me 4842800348 ill share pics to u n chat with u if it was me ill always be A friend my true friends always use me n hurt me

u deserve better guy than him cheers :)