Bored And Nearly Friendless.

I've always only had like one best friend, and that's it. But when I got to college, I was able to make tons of acquintances. Looking back now, I wouldn't call them close friends, but I hung out with them as often as I could. Now that I've graduated, all my friends have moved and gone on to their own thing. The only best friend I have now is jobless and lives so far away, that I don't often do anything with her. I have a boyfriend, but he's boring, and we really don't do much. All I do now is go to work and come home, go on my computer, or watch TV. I wish I could make more friends, it usually takes me 3 years to become a close friend with somebody. Oh, how I hate my brain.
raziel1687 raziel1687
22-25, F
Jun 8, 2012