My Choice

Hey ever felt that emptiness when you realize that you have no one to talk that can genuinely understand you someone who will accept you for who you are and not just for money,popularity and material things.
I always feel that way during Highschool
Ever wonder why people can get along just fine while you are all alone sitting in one corner playing games on your PSP then a bunch of cowards who try to take the one thing that keep your sane and if you fight back they will tell the Homeroom teacher a bunch of lie since their the teachers pet.
I'm always the target since I'm so quiet but everyone regret what they did to me during our final year in High school they saw my sadistic side when they try to bully me they always fail since I pretend that I'm not seeing them there peers laugh at them and when they try to get violent on me I usually fight since our Homeroom teacher will always take their side I was a technical person so I never restraint my self in a fight If they hit me first so I let them "hit" me I didn't use any weapon only hitting fast and strong so I earn myself a place in the school's most feared student no one knew what happened only me and my classmate. It's my choice but it was worth it. I hate people when they step down on me.
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I am 50 and Dont have any friends only people who say hello in the street. I now feel I will never have friends. When I was young people use to steal from me so I Dont want to be in that situation neither by having the wrong friends.