Hi,iam a 19 years old male, iam in a medical university in the second year,and my problem is my family doesnt care about me,although i became the 1st of my colleagues this year and the year before,but they still dont care,i worked hard for it,lost most of my friends cuz i spent most of my time studying just to make my parents proud and happy that their oldest son is successful but they didnt damn care, i tried talking to them, i told them that u should encourage me more to keep on going,u should stand next to me but they said iam old and i dont need encouragement, encouragement is for babies only,so i said to myself to not to talk to them for a while,maybe they will understand,and come to talk to me and make it up to me,but it has been a week now and i havent spoken to them although we live in the same house, i just keep locking myself in my room. The bigger problem is that i dont have any friends although i am a caring,loving,honest person who loves to help other people ( thats the main reason i joined medical university) and have a great sense of humor,but we moved to a new home since i was in high school,and in college,most of my friends there like me cuz they want something from me thats all,the others hate me cuz iam the top of them. All whats keeping me alive is Neo ( a person i made inside of me,he believes nothing is impossible,he is the one) who i talk to all the time,he keeps convincing me that all of this is gonna change,all of this will be better,but that seem to never happen and of course my computer,its the second reason iam alive,i know i talk to much but i really needed to talk cuz i've talking to myself for a week,so if anyone want just to talk to me my e-mail is , cuz i know my problem has no solution,hope to talk to anyone soon,and thanks for reading =)

NeoTheOne NeoTheOne
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

I know exactly how you feel about being lonely and ppl using you. I currently have no friends at the moment other than some of my sisters friends but they hang out with mostly them and dont really call to talk to me. I always thought I was alone because I was creative and weird but Ive met ppl more eccentric than I was and everyone loves them so Im not seeing too much of a difference between us. So yeah you can comment back at me here, Im not rlly into emails at the moment Ive had alot of struggles in my past that Im trying to get over. I hope your better!