...I honesty say this a lot but when I think it over I have so many thoughts that make me anxious and petrified about getting into a relationship. I just don't want to hurt and I don't want to be desperate for a relationship.
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Why do you think you'll hurt somebody? Because of your insecurities regarding relashionships? I'm asking because i think that the "getting someone hurt" issue is more a "i'm afraid I'll get hurt". And yes, that possibility exists, but it's not the end of the world. After getting hurt a couple of times, you'll get the hang of it. Nobody died from getting hurt in a relationship (except suiciders, but that's imo a pathological condition of the person's mind). Don't be desperate. Try and fail. It's not an exam. Sometimes it's fun even to fail at this. ;)

Don't worry about it too much. I've been alone a long time and haven't given up yet. Don't you give up either. Just relax and be yourself and be an honest person and you will find someone.

Hmh I'm assuming your attractive and you also have a nice personality and your afraid of a relationship?

Haha your welcome, but love sucks /: I wish I could without it, ya know? I'm surprised you even knew about red (: most don't


Wait, alternative metal? (: my main genre is rock... There's so much 0_0

Do you like ffdp, bullet for my valentine, lamb of god, and stuff like that? (: ffdp sounds really good.

Five finger death punch (:

I saw them live (:

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Visit my profile if you get a chance and read a couple of stories I have posted including one titled 'i want to be wanted'.
I completely understand your state of mind, though you're far younger than I am, but I think I've reached that scary place you mentioned - the one where you hurt often and you feel almost 'desperate' at times. :)
Hang in there.. you're young at least.. :P