I Don't Want to Think About Relationships Ever Again!!!

I  was really  tired of being in a bad relationship,  so I left. I'm so drained and exhausted, I dont' know what to say.   I don't like being alone, but I really can't take any of the crap i've been going through with dating anymore. 

I think it's best if I just stay alone and only have casual sex.

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7 Responses Mar 4, 2009

In a way, aside I think from the relationship being described as a bad relationship, your note made me think of how my partner who left me two months ago might in fact be thinking about her life. This is not to say that she would blame me for the draining or exhausting but accept within our relationship we had both played our part in making it tough. My question though, for you, is what would it take for you to be persuaded that being with someone you lived for so long could be good again?

when we end a relationship some turn to drugs some turn to booze me, i turned to sex with as many girls as i could find and enjoyed sex as much as i could get. and drowned my self in sex and c*m now i have 4 lovers that all know about the others and three of them have shared in with each other to enjoy taking turns sharing and being shared. BUT i still miss my X. i will never speak to her again after she did what she did but i still miss what we once had together but it helps to be wanted and respected by those that i now have around me.

you are funny i like you. NO I don't like hangovers. I don't usually get them either, but every once in a while I do. <br />
I'm usually a good drunk and just drink enough to be sociable and not so bored.

the cure for a hangover is another beer. that's easy to fix...

I guess, but until then, I am very bored and depressed and hung over...

Never say never... best things in life come when we are NOT looking for them. I think you should first try to enjoy your own company before you think you depend on others...

Don't give up. You've decided to be alone for now, that's what you're comfortable with but I'm sure someone will come along in the future who will change your mind.