so im not going to lie im emotionally fractured but i try to hide my scars. i cant even tell my girlfriend whom i love so very much how messed up i've become. i've attempted suicide many times for various reasons. i have major abandonment issues and cant stand to tell anyone how i feel anymore. i feel so alone now and feel like i should give up any second now..... i hate my life and the only thing that makes me feel good is the sound of the rain...... so where do i begin?

ive been verbally and physically abused since i can remember, and this abuse is causing me to break and not want to trust anyone anymore. the only i thought i cared about have always lied to me and betrayed me and said "i had the best of intentions." but whats the point anymore im a lost cause and im nothing more than a play thing to everyone i meet.
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I'm sorry this happened to you, no person should have to be like this.