I joined this group not because Im saddened in a group, or that I feel depressed or anxious when Im surrounded by people. Its more of a feeling of not being able to connect, or not wanting to.
When I meet someone I either feel instantly connected, or they become a gurgled noise in my mind. I dont like taking time to get to know people, and when I do Im overly cautious from past experience.
Ive been burned, a few times, so now I dont open up like I should, but I dont see that as a bad thing.
Someone told me they viewed my behavior as being stuck up, or even that they thought I viewed myself as being better than others, that's not it at all.
Why invest time in people if they are to squander it or waste it? Why sit in a crowd of new people, when I can share time with the few that have been close to me for a long time, and have not misused by trust.
Not everyone's intentions are apocryphal, but how should I know that?
Id rather stand alone, then with a crowd.
pandapuzzle pandapuzzle
Mar 27, 2012