Life Changing Moments

I remember being 15 when my whole world turned upside down. I was a very angry and confused child. Hating the fact that I was in foster care but yet knowing that being there meant I didn't have to suffer daily abuse at my mothers will. It was Oct 86, I had run away from the foster home. I was caught because I was drunk and got into a fight. When they brought me back they told me I had to go see my mother. I hated them for making me go. As it turns out fate has a way of stepping in . That is when my niece was killed, she 6 months old. Her life taken by the people who gave her life. (that is another story in of its self) To top it off my mother went all crazy and came at me and tried to beat up on me but I fought back and then took off. I was on the run for months. When they finally found me I was was nothing but a shell of a person. I shut down and all I wanted was to end the pain. The judge had decided enough was enough. He felt it was time to get me help and sentenced me to 3 years in the state hospital. I was beyond angry and threw the table towards him. He sit there stalk still and said I am doing this to save you. At that time I didn't know how right he was. I was only there for a little over a year and I learned so much in that time. Now I was still a wild child when I got out but that was a defining moment for me. What ended up saving me was my daughter,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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Wow, powerful writing.

I wish I could think this is fiction, but I feel it is truth.