I Too Am Alone.

We are born unattached to the rest of the world.  Our mothers are the only ones (if you're lucky) who even come close to connecting in spirit to us.  I too know what its like to be alone, misunderstood and neglected.  I've learned that life is like a rollercoaster.  Sometimes no one sits beside you and you have to enjoy the ride alone...no matter how scarry, how thrilling.  Sometimes you have to wait in line for long periods of time with people you don't know.  You may think you know them but most times its only your judgement/interpretation of them.  Alone is not so bad.  You only need to buy one ticket to the movies. You don't have to fight yourself over the remote. You certainly don't have to worry in the bedroom if you get yours and yourself didn't.  :)  Hope at the least, I made you smile with my ridiculous story.  Beware there is some truth in here designed by me to encourage you.

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8 Responses Mar 15, 2009

So do you still feel alone?

I still feel very much alone. Its a comfortable solitude because I have peace but, I would love to have someone to share life with.

So interesting story thanks so much.Are you short stories writer?

I enjoyed writing this. Thank you so very much for reading it. I only write for enjoyment.

No iam not but really i like to be a writter but first i need toimprove my English.I liked so much to read Nathaniel Hawthorn short stories.

I am so glad you enjoyed this. Thank you for reading.

I Really like this and saw some stone truth in it.

This story was very inspiring and I learned a lot from reading this. It's like I've never heard of it the way you've put it in this story. Very awe-spiring.

Loved it thanks

It thrills my spirit that you smiled or laughed.

very good story-thankyou!