Seeking Kindred Spirits

I just lost my mother on October 30, 2012, she was my last remaining family member. My father died in 1975, I was 15, and my brother and only sibling in 1982. I was married, but have been divorced a long time and have no children. I thought I had found someone to spend the rest of my life with, who has two wonderful sons who I became very close and attached to over the past three years. Two weeks after my mother's funeral, my so called boyfriend left me and is already involved with someone else he had been seeing while working out of town.

Here we are at the holidays, and I have no family to love and celebrate this wonderful season. I have wonderful, close friends who include me in their plans and call to check on me and for this I am so grateful. However, it cannot fill the hole in my heart that I do not have MY family. It's hard. There are mornings I just want to stay in bed and not face the world, but I know I cannot surrender to depression or I will be doomed.

Just wondering who else is out their alone for the holidays. God bless you.
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gosh...i really understand how you feel. i will survive this Christmas focusing on Jesus who loves us and remind myself that most of what we see and hear is simply about businesses making money. when i leave the house, i pray for God to show me who to bless with a smile or kind word. there are so many lonely, poor, depressed people. we who are hurting too have a higher level of compassion and ability to see them. perhaps we will see each other and share a smile. that would be nice.

Margobsn - your post is a blessing to me. After seeing all the tragedy in Connecticut today, I felt my problems are miniscule. So many lives shattered in a matter of moments.

I admire your strength and trust in our Lord and Savior. Blessings to you and a smile.