Alone In My Family

I am alone in my family too all my life ive had abuse from my family even now so i choose not to have them in my life. .

the only person i speak to is my mum.

It is very lonely and not alot of support especially being a single mum.

i am learning not to let toxic people into my life, and to shape me and my daughters life into a happy healthy life free from abuse.

 life is a journey full of alot of things, what does'nt break you definatly makes you stronger.

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2 Responses Jun 13, 2007

I was abused too. People can change. I am only a teenager and still live at hom with my Ma. My dad was emotionally and pyshically abusive. The first time we went to spend the night at his house after we left, we ended up calling my Ma at 3 am to have her come pick us up. We didn't contact him for 2 months, and he called us crying sayng he was sorry. People can change, even if they don't get therapy, they can change. My dad did, he's alot calmer now. I imagine your family wants a second chance, or third, or fourth, they are your blood. Their blood flows in your daughter's viens. You can't deny someone the right to see their family. I can understand completey where you come from, as you wish to protect your daughters from suffering what you had to go through. But think if you made a mistake, and you were no longer allowed to see your daughters. It would hurt, wouldn't it. Think about it, and I wish you luck.

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I just want to remind you of our "no more BS policy" regarding toxic people. I know it's lonely, but you're doing right by yourself and your daughters. <br />
Thinking of you, FeFlower.<br />