A Day I Can Never Forget

it was three years ago ,

my mom would complain to me , and still , about how disappointed she is that none of her three sons who are all adults , have no real jobs . and how irritated they get and even yell at her when she brings up the subject.

they have her ATM card so whenever they need the money they can withdraw it. she never saved anything for herself and spent all her money for their needs since my father is deceased and his pension money barely enough to pay the bills

when my father died ,they, ( where he worked) gave us like 150.000$ , and put it all in the stock market, they did very well and it got tripled and things were going so well for us. which is why they never wanted to get a job since they can make alot of money without having to wake up every morning and work their ***** off.

they started blaming dad for being too coward to invest his money in the stock market like they did and working as a mule instead. they even talk to mom with no respect telling her she wasted her life being a teacher  and her money over trifles , when she never spent her money on something she actually has.

then the stock market went down , and now we are complete dependent on my father's and mother's pension that we got every month, i don't know what we will do without it .

yet, they blame mom and dad for this misfortune and for everything bad happened.

even my brothers dared to tell mom not waste her money and even told her to ask their permission on what to spend her money on.

i couldn't take this anymore and told her to have a backbone and be more strict with them and her money is not for them to but cars and what they want.

they happened to hear the conversation that was heating up and asked what was going on.

i told them the truth that she is not happy of the current situation and how they treat her.

they said that she never complained about it and they do that for her good.

i told them no she wasn't and she complains to me about it

when they asked her. she said its not true and i just want to vent and made a big deal out of it.

i cant believe she made me look like some crazy who see things that are not there, when i was being on her side defending her.

i never thought she would betray me for their sake . when i was standing up for her.

i could expect that from anyone, but never my mom whom i always listened to her and been there for her.

i know that every daughter would do that. but is that what a mother would do to her daughter in return.

i don't think there is a worse betrayal , and i was certain that i am definitely the black sheep . and no one will be there for me and be on my side. especially my family.


my mom keep saying that she wasn't raised to say this is my money , and she didn't want to upset her sons.


but they never treated her right . and i feel so helpless and it pains me that i am not heard and only considered that i am crazy and i shouldn't be taken seriously

she is so kind, was a wonderful teacher , and endured alot during the 26 years of marriage till my father's death, generous and never thought of pampering herself with her own money because she believed that our happiness matters more than her own. and it saddens me that she gets such treatment in return.


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I am sorry to hear about this, your brothers should know the importance of treating the mother with respect, this is very very sad-also I understand your situation...I have one sister who is very mean to my mother, and my motehr never stands up to her-even though my mother was not like a good mother really, she is still the mother and deserves somthing for giving us life-I have had arguments with my sister, but no matter what, my mom will not complain to my sister, but she always tells me how dissapointed she is with my sister

I know how you feel I went through similar With my Grandfather!