We just do not get along. It's like water and oil. No matter what we are always separate. In thinking. In feeling. In doing. In life.

Feels more like we are existing together. I don't even like him much any more. I've lost the love. I care about him as a person. The father of my children. But the passion died.

I have to let go of what I hoped we would be and accept what we are. I long for a partner. A friend. A confidant. A lover. A soul mate. None if that will exist here.

Grieving what should have been. Trying to make the best of being a single wife. Til death do us part. It's already dead though. Ugh
Ludavin Ludavin
51-55, F
3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I can relate except for the part about losing the passion - was never really there.

I think a lot less people would be so miserable about their marriage if they stop expecting it to be like a romantic fairytale till death.

The way I look at it marriage isn't just a romantic relationship. Not even just a relationship- it's life itself! marriage is life
Life is difficult
Love is difficult
Everything worth having is worth working for and work this difficult.

The fact that it's difficult means that sometimes were not to be very happy about it. Sometimes we're gonna feel unfulfilled, wanting more.
But it's not the partners fault;
it's not even the marriages fault.

It's just life. Well at least that's my wisdom for the moment! Check with me tomorrow! Who knows?!

I so know what you talking about


I wish it was that simple

it could be